.NET implementation of GREP tool with GUI. Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 to run ( Version 2.0+ is implemented using WPF framework.


  • Shell integration (ability to search from explorer)
  • Plain text/regex/XPath search (including case-insensitive search)
  • Phonetic search (using Bitap and Needleman-Wunch algorithms)
  • File move/copy/delete actions
  • Search inside archives (via plug-in)
  • Search MS Word documents (via plug-in)
  • Search PDF documents (via plug-in)
  • Undo functionality
  • Optional integration with text editor (like notepad++)
  • Bookmarks (ability to save regex searches for the future)
  • Pattern test form
  • Search result highlighting
  • Search result preview
  • Does not require installation (can be run from USB drive)


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